31 May 2023

Content Creator

It is often mentioned in employment accounts (content creator required), so what does the content industry mean? What are the requirements for me to be a content creator?

In order for the picture to be clear, we must know the meaning of content, which is taken from (contain) and its plural is contents, meaning the content of the thing and what it contains. And it is said: emotional content, that is: what is in the mind or felt by the individual at a particular moment, and can be disclosed by a specific behavior (Dictionary of Contemporary Arabic Language, 1/592).

And (contains) the thing as a container that seized it and owned it. The content in the language: it is the content and what the thing contained i.e. within it.

And the content we want is: what the book, papers, or application programs contained in social media, such as texts, pictures, videos, links, and so on.

This use is recent; It came to keep pace with the development taking place in our digital age and became linked to marketing and business within small and large, public and private companies and sectors.

- It has gained wide importance and establishments are competing for creativity in it, drawing attention and stealing the limelight. Therefore, the content writer is required to have a high ability to collect ideas and formulate them correctly, without errors, and to possess the tools and skills required to shape the text according to the goals set for it. We refer to some points that show you the importance of this profession:

1- The creative content indicates that there is a team with experience and high efficiency, so the image will reflect positively on the establishment.

2- The more creative the content, the more potential customers are attracted to purchase and their presence continuously.

3- The content helps to fully communicate the idea to all customers.

4- No establishment is devoid of its need for a content writer, no matter how different its orientation is: the news orientation requires content to be transmitted to its listeners, as well as the educational, industrial, commercial, agricultural, real estate, and other orientations.

5- The large and new content, with its idea, gives the impression to visitors that it is a successful platform that is worth joining, especially with regard to writing blogs and articles.

6- It is important for all establishments and requires a great deal of attention and placing it in the practical and marketing plan, because without it, no project or company will succeed unless the content writers and creators are within the organizational structure.

As for the required skills, they are: to possess writing tools and the skill of formulating and constructing speech; One acquires it through his wide erudition, his multiple readings, and his continuous practice of writing and developing it permanently. In addition to his continuous practice of audio-visual production applications and permanent visual and intellectual feeding.